Friday, April 29, 2011

I love her!

 So, here lately I have been thinking A LOT about how blessed I am that Kelsie is my daughter! I love her sooo much. She is just so perfectly imperfect and I love that about her. She is sooo shy and when she makes a mistake she gets so mad at herself. She is such a drama queen (unlike me! Ha!) She is so much like me and Jeff in so many ways its actually kind of scary.
 We have almost completed a whole year of Kindergarten and Kelsie is so proud of herself as am I and Jeff. She has come a long way this year! She hasn't even missed a day of school!! You go girlie :) It really saddens me that my baby is going to be in first grade next year. She tells me that she wants to stay in Kindergarten and not go to first grade! I know that will change when we go sign up for first grade but she doesn't think it will. Oh I love her!
 We took her to get her ears pierced for her 6th birthday! The time finally came where she can take them out and change them...well, lets just say it didn't go so swell the first few earring changes but we have the fear of it hurting smashed! She loves having her ears pierced! Jeff says I spoil her to much but I just want her to have the things in life that I didn't and what can I say she is an only child! I keep telling him that I want more but he doesn't want to take anything away from his baby girl so don't let him fool ya...he spoils her just as much as I do!
 I miss her so much on days that she is in school and also on days that I have to work. Working full time and her in all day school is absolutely driving me NUTS. Okay. I know..its part of life but its a part of life that I hate! I hate seeing her grow up..don't get me wrong I love seeing her become quite the little lady she has become but also I miss my baby...learning to take her first steps and learning her new words. She is still learning words to this, her new word is lame...LOL! Oh boy do I have my hands full!
 I hope everyone has a blessed day and treasure the sweet moments you have with your little ones! Have a great weekend! We have a wonderful family fun filled weekend planned.
                          This was on Easter Sunday! She looked so cute in her new Easter dress!
                      Kelsie in her new pink room! Hands on the hip cracking me up.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

oh camera how I love you!

                                           She had just gotten off the school bus! Kelsie loves posing for the camera.

                  My sleepy beauty. She is so awesome...I am so glad that I'm her mother!! Love you sis!!

 So, Jeff got me a new camera!!! I absolutely love it:) Here are just a few pics I took playing around with it. Its amazing and so is he. I love him so much!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Listen...Do you hear that??? don't hear anything in this house except for the train that goes by every once in a while!! Jeff is in bed, Kelsie is at school and I'm just sitting here this afternoon being lazy!! Doesn't happen very often in this chaotic house!! There is usually something going on here BUT not today!! I'm enjoying this peaceful afternoon. Got up this morning and got Kelsie off to school, got in the shower, started my housework (which is complete) and now I'm just sitting here taking the quietness all in! Just thought I'd share my random moment with you all!
Hope your Monday hasn't been to hectic! Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just one minute mommy

So, lately I've been trying to juggle working full time and my wonderful family. KUDOS to the ones who do it chaos free!! Kelsie started Kindergarten this year and I work mostly 2nd shift so this is really hard for me. I haven't handled it very well. She goes to school in the morning and when she gets off the bus I'm already at work. The only good thing about it is Jeff has 4 days off a week now so at least she is getting to be at home instead of her Linda Grandmas(Jeffs mom), which by the way is a wonderful lady in my eyes! Anyways...I'm really trying to let everything go for once and devote all of my attention to Kelsie and Jeff...which is really hard for me. I hate not having the laundry put away, talking on the phone to my mother ( I have gone from talking to her everyday to every other day), doing the dishes after every meal, and keeping toys picked up. I have made a promise to Kelsie that I would start doing the dishes and putting the laundry away when she goes to bed. Which by the way I'm looking at my pile of  laundry on my couch right now wishing I could just hurry up and put it away....but NO!!! You can't do it Cathy. I want to be the mom who Kelsie remembers doing fun, cool things with...not the one who never paid attention to me. I have been sooo grouchy to Jeff and Kelsie lately and I'm trying really hard to get over it...I have a lot going on with my family right now as in mom,. dad and siblings and I'm trying my hardest not to take it out on Kelsie and Jeff but thats kind of hard when all she does is whine after school and all night. I know she is whining at my for a reason because she wants my attention and I'm trying from here on out to just stop what I'm doing and listen to her. I know I can tell her in just a minute mommy will help you or whatever you need...I just have to truly be there in just a minute as soon as whatever I'm doing is done. I can truly do this!! It makes my days so much better when my entire family is happy and getting along!! I love them sooo much...Thank you Jeff for putting up with me and my grouchiness for the past 7 years and to Kelsie mommy loves you so much and I promise to be the best mommy in the world! To all you working moms and non working moms you truly are amazing!!! I hope my daughter grows up to be a wonderful young lady who knows that her mother loves her dearly and knows that why I work is so that I can get her everything she wants and needs not because I didn't want to spend entire days with her. I'd give anything to be able to stay home with her and home school her everyday but unfortuntely I can't. My lesson learned is that when she is whining at me she just needs one minute from me...sometimes more but sometimes its just one minute of my time. I promise to give her that. I hope everybody has a wonderful Thursday and here's to the weekend coming upon us!! :)  Below is a picture of me and my loves on a mini vacation to St. Louis Missouri. We were all happy here because we were all together enjoying each others time and company!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kelsies surprise!!

So we surprised Kelsie by painting her bedroom while she was in school! She told me a few months ago that she wants her room painted so she can be a big girl and start sleeping in her own bed (oops...yes, i am bad and have let her sleep with us). She told me that she wants 1 wall orange, 1 pink, 1 purple, 1 green and her closet doors blue....AS IF!!! I told her we'd see and I decided against it and painted 3 walls pink and 1 wall white. It looks sooo awesome and she LOVES it. THANK GOODNESS!!! Glad she did cause I really didn't want to deal with a dramatic meltdown cause we all know my daughter is so a drama queen, but I wouldn't have it any other way! We are decorating in flowers and butterflies. We have almost gotten everything put back in place. I can't wait! I'll have pics later. Hope you all have enjoyed your first day of April and haven't played to many pranks..ha!