Friday, April 29, 2011

I love her!

 So, here lately I have been thinking A LOT about how blessed I am that Kelsie is my daughter! I love her sooo much. She is just so perfectly imperfect and I love that about her. She is sooo shy and when she makes a mistake she gets so mad at herself. She is such a drama queen (unlike me! Ha!) She is so much like me and Jeff in so many ways its actually kind of scary.
 We have almost completed a whole year of Kindergarten and Kelsie is so proud of herself as am I and Jeff. She has come a long way this year! She hasn't even missed a day of school!! You go girlie :) It really saddens me that my baby is going to be in first grade next year. She tells me that she wants to stay in Kindergarten and not go to first grade! I know that will change when we go sign up for first grade but she doesn't think it will. Oh I love her!
 We took her to get her ears pierced for her 6th birthday! The time finally came where she can take them out and change them...well, lets just say it didn't go so swell the first few earring changes but we have the fear of it hurting smashed! She loves having her ears pierced! Jeff says I spoil her to much but I just want her to have the things in life that I didn't and what can I say she is an only child! I keep telling him that I want more but he doesn't want to take anything away from his baby girl so don't let him fool ya...he spoils her just as much as I do!
 I miss her so much on days that she is in school and also on days that I have to work. Working full time and her in all day school is absolutely driving me NUTS. Okay. I know..its part of life but its a part of life that I hate! I hate seeing her grow up..don't get me wrong I love seeing her become quite the little lady she has become but also I miss my baby...learning to take her first steps and learning her new words. She is still learning words to this, her new word is lame...LOL! Oh boy do I have my hands full!
 I hope everyone has a blessed day and treasure the sweet moments you have with your little ones! Have a great weekend! We have a wonderful family fun filled weekend planned.
                          This was on Easter Sunday! She looked so cute in her new Easter dress!
                      Kelsie in her new pink room! Hands on the hip cracking me up.