Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Times

 We had a lot of fun this weekend! We spent the day shopping in Edinburgh on Sunday. Just the three of us! And, Kelsie behaved!! We got some really good buys too.

 On Monday we had a cookout with my family. We played lots of outdoor games and had lots of food! I just love cookouts with family. It is absolutely, by far, the best times! We got to see family, hold our precious newbies, and laugh like we never laughed before! I truly enjoy my time spent with my family!

 On another note, IS THIS WEATHER NOT TO DIE FOR?!? Oh, how I love fall! (or fall like)! It will probably be back in the near 90s before September is over...ugh.I hope not! I love hanging out in my sweats and going outside in my blue jeans and t-shirts. Oh fall I have longed for you to arrive!
 Happy days to you all! Enjoy this beautiful (minus the wind) weather!