Friday, September 30, 2011


Oh, how I have longed for Friday to get here! Its such a gloomy, windy, cold day but I'm thankful for Friday. I have had a stressful week at work, getting Christmas (yes you read that right) ready, working at another store plus mine and then my wifely (or something like that) duties. This week has been long..UGH.

This weekend we are going to Oktoberfest in Ohio. Its going to be cold but I love going there! Kelsie gets to go with us and I'm super excited about that! In the past it has been too cold for her so we had to leave her at home but not this year!!! I can't wait to walk through the tents with her, drink hot chocolate with her, do the chicken dance with her! I just love her being in my presence and anymore we don't do anything without her. I love it.

But for today, its staying inside in my pajamas all day and cleaning this house! I mean deep cleaning this house. I have checked off more of my to do list since I've been on here last and I feel so good about that! Our house is coming along quiet nicely. It feels like home now!

Well, I'm off to drink my hot chocolate and tackle the monsoon pile of laundry that awaits me!
Happy Friday to all!!