Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just one of those days

Have you ever had "just one of those days"? I'm pretty sure there isn't a true definition of "just one of those days", but if there was I'm quite positive my day today could be that definition. I have had a day from heck. And it all started by me hitting snooze one to many times this morning and Kelsie was almost late for the bus. I should've known then that something was wrong and would go wrong all day. I felt horrible because she didn't even have time to eat breakfast. What? I know!! I am a horrible mother today...but don't freak out...she was able to eat breakfast at school this morning. WHEW..because we don't leave the house without something to eat!
Anyways, so after the madness of the morning, the afternoon didn't suite me no better. I was late for work. Why? Because I forgot to switch the laundry this morning and my work clothes were in the washer. OH FOR HEAVENS SAKES CATHY! I can hear my mother now! What was I thinking? How could I have forgotten that my clothes were wet...Oh yea! Because I had a horrible morning!
After the afternoon was over and evening came upon us....guess what? It didn't treat me any better. I had to clean up kitten poop from under Kelsies bed. UGH...Thats why I hate animals in the house. You see, we just got a kitten because we have seen a few mice and I was DONE with that!! REAL. QUICK. She finally started using the litter box and then this afternoon she decided to take a dump under the bed. FOR REAL? So I cleaned it up and scrubbed the floor and guess what? Yep, you guessed it...she went back a bit later and did it again. Why me? I will get through this and she will stop...or she will find herself back outside! Sorry, sad but true! NOT  having it!!
And then to top it all off, Kelsie is minding me like the cat is using the litter box. Not sure what the deal is there because she is usually a pretty good kid but man she ate some bad girl candy or something this afternoon. We finally accomplished homework and a shower so girlfriend is going to bed! And so is mama!!
Sorry to vent to you all about my day but you read my blog, you get it all!
Have a great night! I'm going to sleep off my curse and hope for a better morning tomorrow! Here's to NOT hitting the snooze button! he!he!
Loves to you all!