Monday, August 22, 2011

What? Really? Already?

First Grade. Are you kidding me?!! I honestly can't believe it is that time already. Summer just flew on by us! We did have a great summer and we were very prepared about first grade, but, didn't really today to be the first day. Ya know what I mean? My little lady did look gorgeous today! I was a little nervous for her this morning. Thinking, will she know where to go when she gets off the bus? Will she be scared? Will she get embarrassed in any way today? You know, the things moms worry about.

Look at the missing tooth! And the one that is just barely hanging there!
  I can not wait until she gets off the bus! I am ready to see her and hear all about her lovely first day of first grade.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! I am going to get started on cleaning this house!