Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I had an okay day at work. Kelsie had a great day at school today. And Jeff enjoyed his alone time at home sitting in the hot tub. Super jealous of him by the way!

Tonight at home was pretty relaxing.(a little more than it should've been) but oh well. Kelsie finished up her homework and I made dinner!

Kelsies favorite meal ever! 

Off to get showers and sit down and read before bed. Tata for now 😘


I am going to try to be better about this blog thing. I am mainly using it as a journal for me and my everyday with my family. I do not keep a book for each year of kelsies life so I am going to try to make this our little "book". I want her to have something to look at when she is my age about our life. So I am going to take pictures everyday and write my daily thoughts or special events that we do and different things we go through. I am exciting to carry on this journal for us, her..for her..

So here is my photo for Monday the 4th. we don't drink coffee but we do love hot chocolate. I was at work freezing so I got me something warm 😊 hope you all had a great Monday.