Sunday, July 31, 2011

Horsing around!

She loves this time of day!

I love this picture   
Meet Rosco! He is Kelsies newest pet. He of course lives at grandmas house so we don't get to see him everyday but when we do she is in heaven! She wanted to show him in 4h this year but you have to be 8 to show in mini 4h. Of course she wasn't happy about that answer. She gets him out of an evening, brushes him, feeds him lots of carrots and sugar cubes! (one for the horse, two for Kelsie, one for the horse, two for Kelsie!) Thats pretty much how that snack goes. These two are definitely going to be best of friends I'm sure He loves her as much as she loves him. If anybody walks to the pasture to try and catch him he runs, but you give Kelsie a rope and he will walk right up to her. Like I said, best friends! I believe so!!

On a side note, there is only 3 more weeks until school starts. Kelsie is going to be in the first grade this year and she is absolutely loving that fact! She cannot wait until school starts back up. We go the 11th to find out who her teacher is..and to see what friends are in her class this year. Fingers crossed her and Karly Puckett get the same teacher this year! They are such great friends and that would be totally awesome for the both of them if they could be in the same class. This summer, Kelsie has become even more independent. Her love for her dad and I is unbelievable! She wants us no where out of her sight at ALL times! I love her more and more everyday!

I know this was a random scattered post but hey, who says I'm not random and scattered! Hope everyone is enjoying their days and staying cool in this crazy hot weather!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family day Sunday

On Sunday we got up and headed to Fort Wayne for the day! WE went to the Fort Wayne Zoo (if you have not ever been~highly recommended)! We had an awesome time there with the Puckett ladies! We loved watching the animals but I have to say the monkeys are the best by far. The little lady wanted to do nothing but watch the monkeys. Have you ever really stood there and watched them? They are sooo human like but at the same time..they are soo nasty. We fed the Giraffes and even rode a few rides!