Thursday, October 13, 2011

heart wrenching, make you want to throw up....

My phone call that I got is what made me want to throw up or cry or something. It was terrifying to me at first...
You see, I got a phone call today from the school nurse telling me that she had a conversation with the guidance counselor about Kelsie. Mrs. Howell (guidance counselor asked Mrs Bolton (school nurse) to contact me because Mrs. Howell was asked to sit in Kelsies classroom and observe her. That is the message on my phone. Panic mode!!!! Why would someone send my daughter (whom I believe is a normal 6 yr old) to the guidance counselor?

 Well...I let my worries get the best of me! What have I done wrong as a mother? What has Jeff done wrong as a father? Him and I have tried our hardest to be good parents..I mean, kids can't be kids these days...Kelsie is 6 going on 16 with the attitude but, I feel like we are handling it very appropriately. So, why would she be having troubles that she needs to see a guidance counselor. Why hasn't she addressed these issues with me.Her MOM?

Let my fears no longer be honestly was nothing. Kelsie has some allergy issues about this time of year and she has formed this annoying cough..Like seriously gets on your nerves cough. She isn't really even coughing. Its very hard to describe. I think she has a little tickle or something in her throat and she can't stop it..actually I think she used to have a tickle in her throat and that is the only way she knew how to stop it but now I think she is so used to doing it she just can't stop. BAD HABITS ARE HARD TO BREAK!! And even worse for a 6 yr. old. The school just wanted to make sure that I knew she was doing it. UM HELLO!!! She does it non stop. Mrs. Howell called me right after Mrs. Bolton did and Mrs. Howell said that she sat in Kelsies room for 7 minutes. In that 7 minutes Kelsie did the cough 77 TIMES! What? 77 Times?!!!? Girl has a bad habit!!

This is what we came up with...I am going to start her back on her allergy meds and see if that helps. We (me, the school and anyone else who comes in contact with her) is going to keep reminding her to stop coughing. okay..whatever... We will see if this works.

Thats all I have...I had a phone call from the school and when I listened to my voicemail I wanted to throw the time I was done with the conversation I was about worst first instincts.
Have a good evening...its a rainy one!