Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kentucky Derby

Every year we go to the Puckett's for a Derby party! Us ladies wear our "Big" Derby style hats!! Its always a blast at the Puckett residence! You never know what topic is going to come up. Love this group of  ladies!
 You see, usually at the Derby party its all of us friends and our little ladies! Yes, we all have little girls...NO BOYS!! We love it that way!! We love girls! Mandy always has an awesome craft for them to do and our ladies have a blast doing them. Last year we made stick horses and they had a horse parade!

 This year they made Derby hats and Jockey masks!! This is our group of ladies!! Let me tell ya, this little group rocks MC!! They are awesome girls. They love playing together, crafting together, making up songs and performing them for us moms together! They are just, let me say, AWESOME.
So, this is what our weekend has consisted of so far! Lots of fun!! Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend!

Happy Mothers Day to you wonderful mom!