Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year for Halloween Kelsie decided to be BATGIRL! I'm not really sure why she chose this costume but she sure looked cute in it!
This year we did a little something different than before for Halloween. We trick or treated at the Muncie Mall. It was actually lots of fun and Kelsie got way more candy than she needed. (I say that every year)! We made our trick or treating decision kind of at the last minute. I never knew the Muncie mall passed candy out but when I heard about it it fit into our day just fine! Kelsie and I had dentist appointments right after school so by the time we got done we had just enough time to grab a bite to eat for dinner and go on our merry ways to the mall! Perfect evening I tell ya!! After we got finished at the mall we even had time to hit a few of our favorite houses in Parker.

By the time we were all done we were maxed out! Hope you all had a wonderful time this year trick or treating. I saw lots of cute little costumes!! (oh, and by the way~NO cavities for Kelsie and I)!!!! Woohoo!!!
Have a great day! It sure is beautiful outside :)
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