Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a little follow up!

 Kelsie has had a wonderful first 2 days of school! She loves her teacher. Has her best friend in class with her. Has 3 classroom pets! How could you not love first grade. We have been really busy these past few weeks. Kelsie is in cheerleading and in gymnastics so we have done nothing but run ALL over Parker City. Between juggling working full time and being a mommy full time and a house wife(well, not really wife because we are not married) full time I'm pooped. We have gymnastics and cheer practice today so that is all I have for now. Off to watch little miss do her flips! She is getting really good at them too :)

 Here is a little photo of her doing one of her back bends! Hope you all enjoy your evening! Ours is going to be great!