Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Out of sorts and such

 Lately I have been out of sorts. Trying to get back into the groove of school life. This summer was so out of routine~letting the house go. We hadn't been home a lot this summer and when we would be home it would be to make a quick mess of things and out the door we would go again! It was fun I tell you but now that we have to get back into it I am looking at this house thinking.. eww gross.
 I know...thats bad. Like. Really bad. But, today is a whole new day! Things are gonna change and back to routine we go.
 Last week, we started to get back to somewhat normal. Kelsie went to bed fairly early, and got up for school on time :) That was such success!! I have 3 days in a row off from work (yesterday being the first) so cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning...organizing, organizing and more organizing for me! I am actually reallly excited about this.

 Yesterday I started the front of the house and got it accomplished.
 Today I am tackling the back of the house. They bedrooms, the bathrooms (ugh) and cleaning the carpets. Tomorrow I am starting (and finishing) the spare~collect all~bedroom.
 Excited? Yes.

 Have a wonderful day! Off to get Kelsie on the bus and start my duties!