Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome Back!!

Well, hello there. I welcome myself back! It's been quite some time. Since I was last on here so much has happened. We lost Jeff's dad in February to cancer. That was probably the hardest thing I think I have ever had to go through. My heart hurts so bad for the family. Kelsie finished 1st grade. We had a great summer doing the things we love so much. We swam nearly every day, we rode bikes, we played hide-and-seek, flashlight tag and spent lots of evenings with wonderful family and friends! We had Girl Scout camp for a week, which was loads of fun. Lots of little girls, bigger girls and lots of mommies. I love meeting new mommies!
We learned Belly Dancing! Girl has some moves.
They had water fights with big buckets of water and sponges!
Here is a group shot of my Bunco ladies!

Here is a shot of me and my sexy man!
At the beginning of this month we had our 1st annual Bunco golf outing! Oh boy did we have fun. We laughed, talked, drank, tried to hit balls (I had not ever golfed before) and laughed some more. Oh I just love these ladies. Such great friends!!! Cannot wait until next yr. 
Well, that was the main highlights of our summer! Kelsie has now started second grade. She loves her teacher and is pretty pleased with her class! She has only been going for a week and three days so we will see...hopefully she continues to like it!
 Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I know we will!