Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The good, the bad, and the super adorable

  The good. I am on my third day off! Wow. Three days! I have gotten a lot accomplished in the past few days! House is cleaned. Enjoyed my days alone with Jeff and my evenings with Kelsie. I have had lots of me time also. Who doesn't like "me" time?
   Last night we went to school for Meet the Teacher night. It was a great meeting. I really like Miss Longnecker and so does Kelsie. She is a great lady.

  The bad. I go back to work!! I have really enjoyed my days at home. I had all intentions of cleaning the back of the house yesterday and tackling my spare room today but, I started in on Kelsies room and got it all done~I'm talking rearranged~done. She was super excited when she saw it :) The bad part about the house cleaning is I didn't get any of the other rooms now I have to do them today. Oh well!
 The super adorable is Kelsie! She has started Cheerleading. They have 2 squads that cheer on Saturdays for the flag football teams. It is so cute. I love to watch her. Her best friend Karly Puckett is on her team also. They have the same teacher this year also! Whew..I am glad for that...(considering that is ALL Kelsie wanted). They even do gymnastics together. Oh. Trouble. Mandy and I are getting ourselves prepared for when they get older. Its going to be fun. Hope they stay the best of friends. I got this picture last Saturday at the game. Not a very good picture but from where I was sitting, it's all I could get.
I love this action shot.
Monroe Centrals future cheerleaders. Love how Kelsies hair is a mess now and Karlys bow looks like its coming out the sides of her head. I love the imperfectness (is that even a word) of this picture. Best friends!  

 I hope you all have a great day today. Its going to be rainy so a perfect day to spend indoors. I am cleaning this morning and relaxing with a great book and a smoothie this afternoon.

 On a side note. Today is the last day of August. Oh. How I loved August and kind of hate to see it go.