Monday, August 29, 2011

Life and its challenges...

 I have faced a few challenges in my life these past few months. I have been trying my hardest to get over these huge humps but to be honest its hard.
  My grandmother was diagnosed with alzheimers disease(sp?). It has really gotten bad, like, to the point she doesn't remember many of her grand kids anymore. The only few she can remember is me and my older sister. I am feeling really guilty that she can remember me and not some of the others because I do not go visit her that often. I know...CATHY..that is your grandmother! I feel real horrible but I just don't go. I am not going to try to make excuses~other than its a long drive.
 On top of that. my dad left my mother and moved to Florida. What was he thinking? I am so mad and angry and hurt all at the same time. I haven't ever had the daddy's little girl relationship with my dad but it still hurts to know that he's gone. I think what hurts the most is that he hasn't even called me. 
 On a good note...Kelsie is still loving first grade! Her teacher told her today that she shouldn't get many strikes because she makes good decisions! That was definite good news!!! I love her. She is the best little lady I know...(other than those dramatic tantrums every now and again). She is growing up to be quite the little woman!
 I am making a commitment to myself to get through these little challenges that life has thrown my way! I am making a promise to visit family more often. I am making a promise to mend my relationship with my father. I love my family so much and want them to be a part of mine and my little families life!
 I hope this wasn't to boring for ya...just had to get it out there!

 Have a great night and hope to blog some more tomorrow!