Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hair Mania!

Okay. This morning Kelsie wanted her hair pulled back in a pony tail with a rockin head band! She wanted to put her hair up herself so I told her that she should definitely try but if she couldn't get it then I was going to put it up for her. Bad choice of words for me because that led into madness in the morning that I didn't need in which led me to being 6 minutes LATE for work. She tried and she tried and just couldn't figure out how to get the hair tie to just go around 1 more time. I insisted I would help her on the last wind around but NOPE! I then told her it was me doing it or she had to wear it down and my little lady wore her hair down with her rockin headband and a braid on the side. Oh. The. Drama.
 Honestly, I'm glad she wants to do her own hair and is trying but darn it do we have to be so emotional about it in the end. Ha! I remember getting mad at myself when I couldn't do something right that seemed so easy!! I love her no matter what. I had a bright idea for her and that was to get her My Size Barbie out this evening and practice working with her. And she did And she got the pony tail in her hair but couldn't get it in her own. OKAY!! Drama meltdown number 2!!
  Anyways, hope you all have had a wonderful day full on NO RAIN!!  Have a great evening!! Loves!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My weekend!

Well, lets see! I worked all weekend long and didn't have time to spend with my family. booo! We had inventory at my store so we all worked our hynies off.. We did have a wonderful inventory by the way!!! YAY! We have 4 ladies and a young boy who work at my store and we do it all so needless to say we are very proud of ourselves and our inventory results!
 Anyway, I had yesterday and today off so I told Jeff that I wanted him to find something to do yesterday so I could have the house to myself! Kelsie was in school so he went to Muncie and had lunch with a few friends! And! He! Went! Shopping! For! Me!!! He bought me a new camera a few weeks ago and let me tell ya, I haven't put the thing down! I'm really ready for some nice weather so I can get some great shots with it of my little lady! I'm rambling now! Yesterday he came in with a package and told me that he got my "early" birthday present! He got me a new lens for my camera!! Oh, how I love it!! I never realized how much a camera can do and now it can do more!!! Oh I love him! Yes, I'm very excited. I tried it out last night in the house of course but I can't wait to get my hands on it outside. I took some shots of my little lady but she wasn't feeling me being in her face.

Absolutely love her! She amazes me!

She looks so grown up here!

She made me get one that her earring was showing!

Can we say Jeff Jr.? She looks like her daddy here!

Okay, so not the best pics in the world but I'm learning! I called on a friend of mine Ms. Autumn Grismore and told her that I need help!!! Hopefully we can get together soon and I can get some pointers from her!

Happy Tuesday!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biggest Loser week 1

So, as you know I am doing the Biggest Loser challenge. Oh, let me tell you! A challenge it is!! I'm on my first week and haven't lost a single pound. Yikes!! Its okay though because I haven't gained any either. I weighed myself today and I weighed in at 145. Same thing I weighed last Wednesday. I have tried slowing down on my pop and that hasn't worked out to well for me...but, I'm trying. I haven't had much time to exercise this week because of Kelsie being sick and all but I am going to get in the swing of things this week starting tonight!! I really am super pumped about losing the weight and getting my body in the physical shape it needs to be in. Oh, summer clothes shopping is going to be fun this summer!! I know I won't be in a bikini this summer but am shooting for me to be in one next summer!
 Well, my little lady has softball practice tonight!! Yay!! It's softball time!! I love softball season! While sis is practicing I am going walking/jogging. Its such a nice day out and I'm looking forward to going outside for the evening.
 Hope everyone has had a wonderful day and continues to have a wonderful evening!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Monday...

Well, for starters..I had an awesome Mothers Day! I do feel bad because I didn't make to Greenfield to visit with my mom and my aunt Faye but, I did get to spend the day home with my lovely little lady and wonderful boyfriend! Kelsie and I went to church Sunday morning and then came home and all 3 of us played outside together, pulled weeds in the flowerbeds together, and even got my garage cleaned out!! It was such a beautiful weekend.
 Now, on to Monday...(today). I got Kelsie up and ready for school. She didn't want any breakfast (which isn't unusual). (she usually eats breakfast at school with her friends) and then sent her on the bus to school. I laid back down and watched the news for a few minutes and the phone rings. Its the school! Kelsie is sick and I need to get her! NO!!! She hasn't missed a day of school and she was really looking forward to PERFECT attendance. The poor thing was sooo mad when I went to pick her up because she had to come home. She then got sick in my car (did I mention the weak stomach I have?) Yes, I have a very weak stomach. I am the mom that gets sick while my daughter is getting sick. Hopefully. I. Can. Get. Over. It!!!! I feel so sorry for her. She has done nothing but vomit, and run a high fever all day long. I have done nothing but disinfect the house and wash blankets all day long! I love her so much and hate that she is sick.
On another note, my house smells soo good! and is sooo clean!
 Happy Monday to all and please pray for my little lady.
My little lady all snuggled in bed. This is what she has done all day long.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kentucky Derby

Every year we go to the Puckett's for a Derby party! Us ladies wear our "Big" Derby style hats!! Its always a blast at the Puckett residence! You never know what topic is going to come up. Love this group of  ladies!
 You see, usually at the Derby party its all of us friends and our little ladies! Yes, we all have little girls...NO BOYS!! We love it that way!! We love girls! Mandy always has an awesome craft for them to do and our ladies have a blast doing them. Last year we made stick horses and they had a horse parade!

 This year they made Derby hats and Jockey masks!! This is our group of ladies!! Let me tell ya, this little group rocks MC!! They are awesome girls. They love playing together, crafting together, making up songs and performing them for us moms together! They are just, let me say, AWESOME.
So, this is what our weekend has consisted of so far! Lots of fun!! Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend!

Happy Mothers Day to you wonderful mom!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Biggest Loser!

Oh how I love a challenge. You see, I have gained a lot of weight in the last 3 years. I quit smoking about 3 1/2 years ago and it seems like since then I have gained a bunch of weight. I sounds like I'm using smoking as my excuse but honestly, I didn't gain any until I quit. Now, don't get me wrong I'm super glad that I did quit because I feel so much better and I know that I'm much healthier..I just wish I could have not taken up eating after quitting.
 Enough of the complaining! So, I started this challenge with some ladies at work and a few outsiders! We are doing the Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm super pumped about this challenge, and let me tell ya, a challenge it will be! We put in 10 dollars to start and we weighed ourselves. Me currently weighing 145 pounds..YIKES! I weighed 142 6 years ago when I delivered Kelsie. Oh. My. I have a lot to lose, BUT, I can do this! I have been watching my calorie intake, which isn't going to swell for me because if you know me then you know I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I have also been working out almost every evening. I can't wait until it gets warmer outside and not raining so I can go walking/running and biking! I love biking. This is going to be difficult for me at first but I'm going to stick with it. I have to! For me, my daughter, and Jeff!!! When I met Jeff I was in a size 3 and now I'm in a size 10. Yes, I'm embarrassed about that but I'm willing to tell you all that information because one day I will be back in a size 6!
 Wish me luck!! I will keep you all posted and post pics up as I go along! I know I can do this! I know I can do this! I want that beach body! I want that beach body!
 Have a joyous day! I know I will! I feel refreshed after my workout this morning.

Monday, May 2, 2011


This weekend was the Spring Laua at the school. Shannon, Ainzli, and Lillie all came to enjoy the laua with us! Well, Shannon and Jeff stayed home and Kelsie, Ainzli, Lillie, and I packed up in the Pacifica and headed on over to the school. We met up with Mandy, Karly, and Addy Puckett! It was a total blast!! The girls go to go on the bouncies over and over again and I mind you they went over and over again!! They all tried to win a fish but the little ladies didn't win :( boo for them and yay for me! I like fish and all but not little goldfish that your little one gets attached to and then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and the fish isn't swimming its floating. NOT any fun with a very creature loving drama queen!!
 Lillie and Kelsie get along so well! We don't get to see them very often so when we do get to see them we have fun!  I just love these little ladies! They all got their faces painted and they looked so cute. I'm so glad these three are friends!
 Hope you all have a wonderful day. It is very rainy and yucky out but hope you can make the most of it!