Friday, January 20, 2012

Lazy girls!

Today has been one of those days where I could be lazy all day!! OH. Wait. I. Have. Been.!!!!! and I'm not feeling guilty about it!
 This morning Jeff, Kelsie and I went to the hospital to visit his dad. He is not doing well at all. I am pretty sure I told before that Charlie was diagnosed with lung cancer. He is so weak and so confused. It was not a good visit at all for Kelsie. She had to see her papaw all confused in his own little mind..saddens me to see him this way. Please keep Jeff and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We are going to need them for this long journey.
After the hospital visit we came home and did absolutely nothing!! We read some books, played some Just Dance on the Wii and then Kelsie had a friend over to play for a few hours. I love to hear little girls have conversations! Makes me smile :)
Tonight is looking like, showers, Feety Jammies, Beauty and the Beast, wrapping up in our snuggies, and a bowl of pop corn! I love lazy days and nights with my girl.

Hope you all have a great safe and warm out there!