Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mile long to do list.

I have been thinking about redoing my house. I'm talking REDOING my house! I am actually super excited about it that I want to get it all done now. Thats where the impatient me kicks in. When I get my mind wondering I want to get my body working and get it all complete. I have made myself a mile long to do list. Here are a few things I have for ya.
 1. Get the leak fixed. (we have had a major water leak in our living room so we had to rip up the carpet).
 2. repaint the living room
 3. go through stuff (if it hasn't been used in a year~get rid of it)
 4. go through totes of clothes...winter out and put summer in!
 5. go through ALL closets
 6. finish painting my bedroom
 7. organize, organize, and organize

 Can you tell I am not an organized person at all? Well, let me tell ya that that is gonna change! SOON! I am in the phase of can't find anything that I need and I'm sick of it. I need to go through Kelsies old school papers and get rid of some of those. I said some, not all. I need to go through my clothes. If they don't fit now they probably wont in a year so why hang on to them. Need any clothes anyone? I am going to have quite a few. list is lots longer but wanted to spare you the time. I'm off to start chalking off some of my to do list before I have to go to work!  I will keep you posted on some of our projects as we go along.
 Have a happy rainy day! Stay warm today. The wind is fierce.
 Love to you all.