Monday, January 9, 2012

Date day!

Today was our day. Just him and I! I love days together with him. We had a fantastic day. We got sis on the bus, went to Muncie to get the oil changed in the car and then went shopping! While we were waiting on the car to get done we shopped around for vans!! Yay me!! I have been wanting a van for quite some time. I have a pacifica and I love it but there isn't much room for long legged people. Getting in the 3rd row seats is a trick and not worth the time. I know I only have 1 child and don't really need all of the space a van has to offer but, I'm hoping someday we can expand our family. First step, get a bigger vehicle!! Ha!
After the car was finished me and my boo went shopping...where sis and I scored lots of goodies, and then we went out to lunch. Days like this are amazing. I love when Kelsie is with us but today was just oh so awesome!
Hope you all have a fabulous evening. I'm off to get showers done, story time and then bedtime!
Loves to you all!
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