Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Love of the Game

 As I think I mentioned before that Kelsie has now moved up from t-ball to softball! She loves this sport..much like her daddy loves Baseball. The last two years she was in t-ball learning the basics of the sport but this year, she has moved up to the pitching machine! Whoa~in the words of a six yr old. She is quiet intimidated by that machine but she is actually doing really well. She still has a few of the fundamentals to learn but all in all she's doing great!
 I'm so glad Softball is something that her and her daddy both love! It gives them something that the two of them can do together. She loves the fact that her daddy is her coach. It was super hard for me to get him to commit to it but now that he has been coaching for a few weeks now you can tell on his face that he loves every minute of  it.  Thank you Jeff for being a wonderful father to our beautiful daughter!
 Hope everyone has a very blessed day!