Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My weekend!

Well, lets see! I worked all weekend long and didn't have time to spend with my family. booo! We had inventory at my store so we all worked our hynies off.. We did have a wonderful inventory by the way!!! YAY! We have 4 ladies and a young boy who work at my store and we do it all so needless to say we are very proud of ourselves and our inventory results!
 Anyway, I had yesterday and today off so I told Jeff that I wanted him to find something to do yesterday so I could have the house to myself! Kelsie was in school so he went to Muncie and had lunch with a few friends! And! He! Went! Shopping! For! Me!!! He bought me a new camera a few weeks ago and let me tell ya, I haven't put the thing down! I'm really ready for some nice weather so I can get some great shots with it of my little lady! I'm rambling now! Yesterday he came in with a package and told me that he got my "early" birthday present! He got me a new lens for my camera!! Oh, how I love it!! I never realized how much a camera can do and now it can do more!!! Oh I love him! Yes, I'm very excited. I tried it out last night in the house of course but I can't wait to get my hands on it outside. I took some shots of my little lady but she wasn't feeling me being in her face.

Absolutely love her! She amazes me!

She looks so grown up here!

She made me get one that her earring was showing!

Can we say Jeff Jr.? She looks like her daddy here!

Okay, so not the best pics in the world but I'm learning! I called on a friend of mine Ms. Autumn Grismore and told her that I need help!!! Hopefully we can get together soon and I can get some pointers from her!

Happy Tuesday!!