Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bunco Thursday!!!

What is Bunco Thursday?
 Well, today is our first Bunco meeting. Some ladies in my town have decided to start a Bunco club. We will meet the first Thursday of every month (except for this month we had to do it the second because of p/t conferences). I am super excited that they asked me to be part of the club. NO kids, NO men, GREAT food, GREAT people, lots of lady talk (gossip as some would call it) and plenty of laughter....HECK YES!! COUNT ME IN!!!!
I'm not sure what the game of Bunco is about, other than its a dice game played by 4 people at a table so we will have 2 tables going. I haven't had a ladies day out in months so I'm super pumped that I will be able to have one once a month!
I will let you all know how it went tomorrow!!

By the way, did you all see it snowing????? I am soo not ready!!
Have a great night!