Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Monday...

Well, for starters..I had an awesome Mothers Day! I do feel bad because I didn't make to Greenfield to visit with my mom and my aunt Faye but, I did get to spend the day home with my lovely little lady and wonderful boyfriend! Kelsie and I went to church Sunday morning and then came home and all 3 of us played outside together, pulled weeds in the flowerbeds together, and even got my garage cleaned out!! It was such a beautiful weekend.
 Now, on to Monday...(today). I got Kelsie up and ready for school. She didn't want any breakfast (which isn't unusual). (she usually eats breakfast at school with her friends) and then sent her on the bus to school. I laid back down and watched the news for a few minutes and the phone rings. Its the school! Kelsie is sick and I need to get her! NO!!! She hasn't missed a day of school and she was really looking forward to PERFECT attendance. The poor thing was sooo mad when I went to pick her up because she had to come home. She then got sick in my car (did I mention the weak stomach I have?) Yes, I have a very weak stomach. I am the mom that gets sick while my daughter is getting sick. Hopefully. I. Can. Get. Over. It!!!! I feel so sorry for her. She has done nothing but vomit, and run a high fever all day long. I have done nothing but disinfect the house and wash blankets all day long! I love her so much and hate that she is sick.
On another note, my house smells soo good! and is sooo clean!
 Happy Monday to all and please pray for my little lady.
My little lady all snuggled in bed. This is what she has done all day long.