Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rusty Man

Meet Rusty!

He is one of our family pets! We have two German Shepherds who stay outside, two cats who stay outside Rusty man who stays inside!

We inherited Rusty from a family member who couldn't care for him anymore. Let me tell ya~we love this little guy!!

We say he is Kelsies dog but if your around us then you know he follows ME EVERYWHERE! I am talking~turn around and you literally step on him. Poor guy. He has been stepped on lots of times. Jeff says he will learn but I'm beginning to think that he won't.

Anyways, my reasoning for posting about him is because I had to take this little man to the vet the other day because he got in some mouse poison. Did you know that you have to make them vomit right after they eat the poison? Useless info, but you do. I had to spend all night the other night with him trying to make him vomit. Not a pretty thing to do either. I had to give him a teaspoon of salt, wait 15 minutes, give him a tablespoon of peroxide, wait 15 the salt thing and peroxide thing three times and the fella finally got sick..and then he couldn't stop getting sick. IMAGINE that!

He is doing much better now! He had to have a shot and be put on some pills for a week but he is doing good now. Whew! I couldn't imagine this little guy not being around anymore. I couldn't imagine having to call the family member and telling her that we killed the dog. That could've been bad.

Kelsie loves him and so do I
Just thought I'd share that little bit of info with ya! Ha!
Have a great evening!
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