Thursday, September 1, 2011


Currently, Kelsie is in her 2nd week of school. She loves her teacher. She loves her classmates. She has homework every single night and believe it or not~she loves it! Now, I know that will wear off sooner than later but for now I am enjoying the fact that homework is a breeze.

 Currently, Kelsie is in gymnastics one night a week and cheerleading 2 times a week. She has a love for cheer leading that I will not ever understand. (I was not a cheer leader in school.) She started gymnastics about 3 1/2 years ago and that is all she does~in the house~in the front and back yards~at gymnastica on Tuesdays~you name the place and I guarantee she has done flips of some sort there! At our house you hear her little feet running down the hall and then THUD. She has flipped.

 Currently, Kelsie has this hate towards getting her picture taken. Not so sure why, but I can't seem to get a decent picture of her (and no..its not just the person taking the photo!) She does some cute things and wears some some of the cutest outfits but WILL NOT. and I repeat WILL NOT let me take her picture.
Notice the "mom. put that camera away look" Honestly, I love it!

 Currently Kelsie has had this horrible attitude. She is so grouchy when she comes home from school its unbelievable. She has always had a little bit of an attitude towards me but nothing like this. She is so grouchy about asking her about her day at school. She refuses to talk about it. Drives. Me. Nuts. I wanna know every single detail about her day, who she played with at recess, who she sat by at lunch, what did she learn in math, what book they read, and she will not tell me any of it. Why? Will we always have this kind of relationship? Please tell me no. Please tell me it gets better. A part of me knows that the silence will not be broken, but a part of me is pleading for her to just talk to me.

 Currently, my love for Kelsie is unreal. I love her to the moon and back. I love her personality. I love that she is grouchy after school (reminds me of myself.. He!He!) I love that she looks just like her daddy. I love that she is six years old. I love that she loves animals and loves to play babies every single night. I just love her and I think the Lord everyday for blessing me with her!
 I hope everyone has a blessed day! On to cheer practice we go!