Monday, October 10, 2011

a few of my favs

We had a very nice weekend. Jeff had to work this weekend so he missed out on all of our fun, but, I honestly enjoyed my weekend with my little lady. (Is that bad?)
On Friday, Kelsie and I went to a friends house for dinner with her and her two little ladies. We ate dinner and then we laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. We had an awesome time. I love her!

On Saturday, Kelsie was in the Farmland Fire Prevention parade with her cheer squad. She loved every minute of it! She got to ride on top of the fire truck and throw candy to people. The best thing ever in her eyes UNTIL she realized she didn't get any candy from the parade! ha! ha! I bet next year she WILL NOT be in the parade. Oh well, I only had to listen to her whine for about 20 minutes!!

On Sunday, my family decided to get together for one last cookout! I'm so glad they made that decision. We had a very nice time. The weather was perfect, the children were all in good moods, and the trees were changing so the scenery was gorgeous! I love my family. I know I'm sure that I told you that I got a new camera. Right? Well, lets just say a photographer I am not. I did manage to score a few good pics...well, good to me but to a photographer they probably aren't anything to brag about! I have a few of  wonderful aunt and my cousins babies (they would be her grandbabies) that I just die over! I love these angels.

Check out miss Abigail! 

Evan with his mean face!! Lol

Hope you are enjoying your last few days of nice weather!