Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

This year we decided to take a vacation! We chose to go to the beautiful Myrtle Beach. We absolutely loved it and have definitely decided to go back! It was our first time there and it was Kelsies first Spring Break so we decided to take her. She loved the beach and the ocean. She was like a little fish in the water! That is all the child wanted to do the entire time we were there. We walked the beach day and night and she enjoyed gathering seashells. I told her that she could get some sand and take it home and make some seashell jars so she can remember the beach...of course she LOVED that idea!!
Like I said she absolutely loved the beach!! She smiled just like in the picture the entire time we were on vacation! I just love that girl :) We definitely didn't want to come back home to this crazy Indiana weather!!